Recensione: Carezze infuocate di Kira Sinclair



Come fare per aiutare un ex Navy Seal a rilassarsi? Kennedy Duchane ha un problema: impegnata nella realizzazione di un documentario sul ritrovamento dei resti della famosa nave Chimera, scopre che la star del suo cortometraggio, Asher Reynolds, è in grado di affrontare qualsiasi avversità… tranne una telecamera. L’unico modo per mitigare l’ansia di Asher è spostare la sua attenzione dalla cinepresa… a lei!

Il sesso – bollente, intenso, senza limiti – con l’unica donna che…

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Interview with Jodi Meadows, Incarnate’s author

Hello Jodi, thanks for being here!

As you know, I’ve been positively impressed by the cover of your first novel, “Incarnate” (“Chrysalis” in Italy), which immediately catch the reader’s attention! Also the covers of the other two books of the trilogy are really beautiful. Did you have a chance to select the covers, or you saw them only once they were ready? Do you feel they fully represent the content of your novels?

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Interview with Damon Suede, Hot Head’s author

Hi Damon! Thanks so much for your time! You truly are one of my favorite writers and “Hot Head” really touched me in the heart, I’ll never forget it! I thank Italian Dreamspinner Press for having translated the book!

I read you got many jobs and you traveled a lot. Have you always been interested in writing? It’s your passion?

Damon: I write scripts for as living: film and theatre mostly,…

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